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Children's Services

Caring for the mental health needs of children & families in the Cumberland Valley Region
-Providing the opportunity for children and families to use their strengths to reach their potential-


The Child and Adolescent Clinic is a new facility located in Corbin, KY, providing psychiatric and other mental health services to children ages birth to 18 years. This clinic is open Monday through Friday from 8:00-4:30 and is home to many of our children's services programs including:
Point of Entry/First Steps    
Early Childhood Mental Health
    Kentucky Impact
    Community Collaboration for Children
    Parents' Anonymous
    Tri-County Mentoring
    School Based Services   

Children's Mobile Crisis Team is a team of professionals who will provide crisis intervention on site and/or information and referral services. Follow-up services are also provides with 24 hours of the crisis. After 4:30 or on weekends, please call (606)526-9598 for services.

Children's Crisis Line:  1-877-4KIDS02
or 1-877-454-3702

 Community Collaborations for Children provides intensive in-home supervised visitation services in the Cumberland Valley District. Staff work to strengthen "at risk" families. Referrals come from agencies working with families and children. Services are approximately 45 days in length, provided through frequent home visits. Supervised visitation services are provided only for families referred by DCBS and P&P. These visitations often occur in the home as part of reunification efforts. Tri-County Mentoring provides parent classes and support groups in an effort to strengthen families and prevent child abuse. Call (606)526-6303 for information.

C.O.P.E (Creating Opportunities for Parents Everywhere) is a network of parents seeking and sharing support, resources, skills, and strategies. They are dedicated to involving and empowering parents to come together and create opportunities for families in the region. A therapist is available on-site to provide individual and group counseling for consumers and families.  For information, please call (606)539-0070.

The  Early Childhood Mental Health Program serves children with emotional needs from birth through age five. The goal is to help identify children with emotional needs at the earliest possible age. This program offers individual therapy, psychological testing, referral for psychiatric evaluations and parenting classes. Staff collaborate with parents, teachers and health care providers to collect information to fully assess the child's emotional needs. Referrals are accepted from the parent, teacher, DCBS, daycare, pre-school, and medical professional. For information, call (606)528-7010.

The Early Childhood Mental Health Grant allows for child care training hours to be provided to daycare program staff in the Cumberland Valley Region at no cost. Trainings include, but are not limited to:  Conflict Resolution, Classroom Management, Positive Communication, Disruptive Behaviors, Social/Emotional Skills.

 First Steps serves children birth to age 3 who have a developmental delay or medical condition known to cause a delay. Services are based on the child's needs and will be identified on the Individualized Family Service Plan. Call (606)523-0229 or 1-800-523-9623.

The primary goal of the  Kentucky Impact program is to coordinate local and state resources to serve children and adolescents with severe emotional disabilities so they can stay in their homes, schools and communities. Service Coordinators utilize a wraparound approach to empower the family and increase a child/adolescent's opportunity for success. Referrals can be made by family, schools, physicians, child-servicing agencies, etc. Call (606)526-9459.

Intensive Wraparound is a pilot program being provided for children who have multiple problems in home, school, community, etc. and are considered high risk. High risk is determined by possible out of home placement, incarceration or life threatening behaviors. These intensive services will involve a "wraparound" therapist working with those involved with the child to provide help in stabilizing the situation. Services will be intensive and expected to last approximately 3 months. For questions regarding referral, please contact Vivian Woods at (606)526-9459.

KIDS NOW is a Medicaid reimbursable program for pregnant women who are abusing alcohol and/or drugs. Services include education, screening, assessment, treatment and case management. KIDS NOW links prevention and treatment. For information, call the Regional Prevention Center at (606)337-2070.

 Parents' AnonymousR of Southeastern KY
provides weekly support groups for parents and children. These are open to anyone parenting a child. Please call (606)526-6303.

Reclaiming Futures in the Cumberlands is a national initiative that utilizes the Reclaiming Futures model and philosophy to initiate changes and improve substance abuse interventions for justice-involved youth. The goal of this initiative is to integrate the "Reclaiming Futures" model, philosophy and process into Whitley County's current juvenile justice system. This will be achieved by providing skill enhancement to all community partners resulting in an increased access to quality/coordinated interventions and therefore positive outcomes of the youth and families. This initiative will serve as a model for other courts within the region and state and produce system change. As a new site, we are joining 22 other communities in the country utilizing this effective treatment model. Effective system and community change will result from the shared and strategic leadership provided by the Fellowship Change Team represented by judicial, justice, treatment and community fellows.

School Based Services offer individual and group services, provided by Child and Family Interventionists (CFI's), to school age children with mental health and/or substance abuse problems. Call (606)526-6749 for information.

Therapeutic Child Support (TCS) Services are child focused, family centered and strength based services. TCS assists with treatment and involves participation by the child and family to support the best possible care. TCS services do not replace individual therapy, but enhance it. These identified youth would lack necessary supports such as after-school programs, YMCA, or other types of resources. Contact Denise Marlett  at (606)539-0464 with questions or for more information.

 TriCo Mentoring is a program dedicated to the support of families.  Parenting classes are provided using the Systematic Training for Effective Parenting method. Families receive mentoring, problem-solving techniques, communication skills, and referrals to other community resources. For information, call (606)526-6303.

Turning Point is a short-term (7-10 day) residential facility for children and youth who are experiencing a severe emotional, behavioral, or substance abuses crisis and are at risk for hospitalization or out of home placement. For information call (606)526-1626, (606)528-7010 or click the picture above.