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Crisis Services

After hours emergency numbers:

Children    1-877-454-3702        
Adults    1-888-435-7761

        V/TTY 1-888-640-9335

Haven House Adult Crisis Stabilization Unit (ACSU) is an 8 bed, 24-hour, center for adults experiencing a mental health crisis. The costs for services provided are based on a sliding scale and will be set at the time of admission.  For more information, call (606)878-7013 or click the picture above.

Cumberland River provides crisis services to participating jails. Available in both Harlan and Laurel counties, these services are offered to individuals with a risk of suicide, drug/alcohol problems, shame related to their charge and mental illness.

Turning Point is a short-term residential program for children and youth who are experiencing severe emotional, behavioral, or substance abuse crisis and are at risk for hospitalization or out of home placement. For more information call (606)526-1626 or (606)528-7010 or click the picture above.

The  Children's Mobile Crisis Team is a team of professionals that will provide crisis intervention and/or information and referral services to children and families who may be facing difficult emotional, behavioral or substance abuse issues. Our mobile crisis team reaches out to calm the situation to insure the right level of care is assessed. Follow up services are provided within 24 hours of the crisis.

The mobile crisis team is active after 4:30 p.m. on weekdays and 24 hours/day on the weekend.

This team provides:
 - Crisis mediation and management - services by phone, on-site or out-patient/in-patient
 - Behavior management
 - Assessment
 - Family intervention
 - Referral
 - 24-hour follow-up

The goals of the Children's Mobile Crisis Team include:
 -  Referral to the most appropriate, least restrictive service to address the child's needs
 - Minimum intervention required to address the immediate crisis in the child's home, school or community
 - Early intervention designed to help unnecessary hospitalization
 - Encouraging active participation in the treatment process from family members and other concerned adults