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Haven House

Haven House does not discriminate based on race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, religious practices or individuals with compromised health conditions and will provide care accordingly and within reason.
Admission to Haven House is completely confidential. Written authorization will be required for contact by family members and/or disclosure of information.

Adult Crisis Hot Line:  1-888-435-7761

V/TTY:  1-888-640-9335


Haven House
349 Riverbend Road
London, KY 40744
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Take I-75 to Exit 38 then take 192 East to the first stoplight. Turn right on 1006 South. Continue across 363 on 1006 at 4-way stop. Go 2 1/2 miles and turn right at Sublimity Market on Lily Sublimity Road. Go 2 miles and turn right on Riverbend Road (across from sign for Fox Harbor). Haven House is 1/2 mile on the right.

Individuals referred to the unit need:
 - a minimum of 2 changes of clothes
 - Night wear
 - Personal toiletries
 - Medications for duration of stay
 - Other personal items such as cigarettes

Haven House Adult Crisis Stabilization Unit (ACSU) is an 8 bed, 24-hour, center for adults experiencing a mental health crisis. The primary goal of Haven House is to provide an alternative to inpatient psychiatric hospitalization. The unit offers a safe, supportive environment so that individuals can take the opportunity provided by the crisis to improve their level of functioning. The average length of stay is 3-5 days with a maximum time of 14 days.

The costs for services provided are based on a sliding scale and will be set at the time of admission. Individuals with Medicaid, Medicare, or insurance may use these sources of payment for Haven House services.

To be eligible for treatment at Haven House, you must be:
 - An adult aged 18 or over
 - Exhibiting current symptoms of mental illness
 - Able to perform Activities of Daily Living (ADL's) with minimal assistance.
 - Medically Stable
 - Voluntarily willing to accept services
 - Able to benefit from close observation and supervision
 Individuals who are currently aggressive would not meet admission criteria.

Services provided at Haven House include:
 - Face to face treatment planning upon admission
 - Psychiatric evaluation and clinical assessment (addictive substances will not be
 - Health screening
 - Hourly checks and monitoring
 - Skills assessment and training
 - Supervision of client self-administration of medications
 - A supportive focus, building social skills
 - Well-balanced, nutritious diet with accommodations for medical needs
 - Daily monitoring of vital signs
 - Recreational therapy and exercise regime designed for each client's needs
 - Educational assessment will be available
 - Individual and group therapy
 - Educational groups and activities
 - Family interventions
 - Referral and linkage to community resources
 - Case management

Discharge Planning and Aftercare:
The case manager at the adult crisis stabilization unit will coordinate follow-up care through the referral source. Those individuals who did not have services prior to their admission will be encouraged to continue appropriate treatment with Cumberland River Comprehensive Care Center in their home county.

 To make a referral:
Contact any clinician with Cumberland River Comprehensive Care Center. Other clinical practitioners are invited to call Haven House at (606)878-7013 for referral information. 
The referring clinician will complete a Crisis Stabilization Unit Admission Appropriateness Form after a face to face interview. The form can be faxed to Haven House at (606)878-7014 or call (606)878-7013 and provide the requested information.

Information needed from the referral source includes:
 - Physician's orders for medications and medication history
 - Health history
 - Psychosocial history
 - Treatment plan
 - Most recent psychiatric evaluation
 - Copy of medical card, insurance information, etc.
 - Other information as requested
 - Completed and signed Resumption of Care form

Visitation is arranged by appointment only.

Haven House staff will assist clients in contacting family members per Policy and Procedures protocol. No personal cell phones are permitted.

Smoking is not permitted on the unit. However, residents may smoke in the designated smoking area.