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Intellectual Disabilities

Our mission is to provide supports that enable individuals with Developmental Disabilities and their families to participate fully in the community.

CRCCC offers programs and supports that enable an individual with a disability to reach toward their full potential and goals in their lives.  The individual has the ability to discuss their abilities and goals that affect their lives. These goals are supported by objectives set in place to attain those goals. The individual will also be trained in learning about confidentiality as well as implementing their rights as an individual with a disability.

 Case Management is a process involving coordination, monitoring and planning to assure the needs and desires of individuals are met. These services may involve:
 - Housing and employment issues
 - Social networks
 - Appointments and meetings
 - Monitoring of the quality of supports and services
 - Health and safety monitoring
 - Maximizing income/benefits, based on need
 - Documenting activities

Community Habilitation is a daily program that provides training and support for self care, social and personal development, community living, communication, pre vocational skills, daily living skills and expressive therapies.

Supported Employment allows individuals who need intensive, ongoing support to work in competitive, paid work settings.

 Adult Foster Care/Family Home is an alternative living arrangement for adults with MR. Up to 3 individuals live in a care giver's home; and are provided with 24 hour supervision, training/assistance, and other supports.

 Staffed Residence/Residential Support provides 24 hour supervision, training/assistance, and other supports for up to 3 individuals in a residence provided by CRCCC.

A Personal Emergency Response System is available for individuals who have no regular support or service provider for parts of the day. This system is an electronic devise that enables them to secure help in case of an emergency.

Other Supports:
 - 24 Hour Emergency and Support Services
 - Evaluation services and individually tailored programs for occupational and speech therapies
 - Assistance changing/coping with inappropriate or maladaptive behaviors

Other Services include
 - Wellness Monitoring
 - Speech Therapy
 - Physical Therapy
 - Occupational Therapy
 - Crisis Response
 - Supports for Community Living
 - Michelle P. Waiver Services