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Substance Abuse

We believe that addictions are primary biophyschosocial diseases that are progressive and treatable. We deliver the education program Prime for Life Driving Unimpaired, developed by the Prevention Research Institute. The treatment approach follows the concept that addiction is an illness and promotes 12 step fellowships as a support.
Appointments for assessments and outpatient counseling may be scheduled through the local office nearest you. If a class is not available in that office, you will be referred to the next nearest office.
In order to protect the physical welfare of both the client and the community, CRCCC will report to local law enforcement any individual who is deemed to be impaired and who attempts to operate a vehicle while leaving the program. Other examples of infractions that may result in disciplinary action or discharge include:

  • Failure to comply with the treatment regimen as agreed upon in the treatment plan
  • Any activity while on the premises that is deemed to be illegal; such as violence or theft

Alcohol and Drug Counseling is available for individuals of all ages experiencing problems with alcohol and drug use. All privacy issues are adhered to according to state and federal laws. Services include crisis intervention, active involvement in drug courts throughout the region, individual and family counseling and residential treatment programs for men and women. For outpatient treatment, including DUI Services, contact your local Comprehensive Care Center.

Case Management is available for pregnant women who are experiencing problems with alcohol or drugs. These services include assessments, links to community resources, monitoring and advocacy.

KIDS NOW is a Medicaid reimbursable program for pregnant women and women with infants up to 2 months old who are abusing alcohol and/or drugs. Services include education, screening, assessment, treatment and case management. Incentives are provided upon completion of services. KIDS NOW links prevention and treatment. For information call the Regional Prevention Center at (606)337-2070.

Cumberland River's  Regional Prevention Center is a comprehensive program designed to support community resources to reduce and prevent substance abuse problems. The RPC uses education/training, agency consultation, public policy, media advocacy, and community mobilization to accomplish this goal. Call (606)337-2070 for information.

The Zero Tolerance/Early Intervention Program offers ATOD screening and Prime for Life classes to clients under 21 who have received a Zero Tolerance violation and/or have received a referral from a Court Designated Worker. These services are available in London and Pineville. For more information or to make an appointment, call the Regional Prevention Center at (606)337-2070.

The CRCCC  DUI Program uses the Kentucky DUI Battery. The assessor also conducts a private clinical interview with the client. At this time, the assessor will discuss the level of treatment needed based on the DUI Battery. CRCCC staff providing DUI services will refer offenders to other programs if they are unable to provide the requested service or if the client requests referral to an approved alternate provider. Special needs of clients will be addressed on an individual basis.

DUI Program Fees include

  • DUI Assessment    $50.00, standard statewide fee
  • 20 Hour Program    $250.00, payable at the first session

Crossroads is a  30 day intense, non-medical residential substance abuse treatment program for men. Located in Corbin,KY., Crossroads has been in existence for 25 years and primary serves our eight county area. However, referrals are accepted statewide. Transitional living services are available to those in need of additional treatment at the completion of the thirty days.
This program is based on the 12 Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous, and NA/AA meetings are in-house. The admission fee is $400.00; additional charges are based on the individual's ability to pay. *Out of state referrals are expected to pay full fee. Referrals are accepted 24 hours/day. Call (606)526-9552 or click the picture above for more information.

 (CHC) in Evarts, KY is an intensive residential social recovery program with the capacity for one hundred women. The recovery process consists of 4 separate components; total time in the various program components is flexible, ranging from 9 months to 2 years, depending upon the motivation and needs of each resident. The mission of Cumberland Hope Community, LLC. is to provide hope to homeless women suffering from alcoholism and drug addiction. The program is a peer-driven model with the twelve steps of Alcoholics Anonymous being primary in the recovery process. Through education and an intense long-term recovery approach, we aid individuals in moving toward personal accountability and empowerment for re-entry into healthy relationships, employment and a sense of belonging in the community.


Independence House(IH)  
* Admission fee is $400.00, additional charges are based on the individual's ability to pay. Call (606)523-9386 or click the picture above.

 Out of state referrals are expected to pay full fee at both the Independence House and Crossroads.