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Hart Supported Living

Hart-Supported Living is a program based on individually designed plans for support. These plans provide individuals with disabilities the help they need to live successfully in a home of their choice and to participate in their community. The individual with a disability (and the people who support him or her) plan and design a set of services which meet their specific needs and is consistent with the principles of Supported Living as defined in the Kentucky Supported Living Statute.

Principles of Supported Living

Kentucky Supported Living began in 1992 with the passing of the Kentucky Supported Living Statue. After this statute's amendment in 2006, this program is now known as Hart-Supported Living. The law defines this program as "grants which provide a broad category of highly flexible, individualized services which, when combined with natural unpaid or other eligible paid supports" provide the necessary assistance for the individual to live in the community.

This statute requires that Hart-Supported Living programs promote:  

  • Choice over how, when and by whom supports are provided and over where and with whom a person with a disability lives.
  • Responsibility of the person with a disability and his or her representative for managing grants and the provision of service under the grant.
  • Freedom to live a meaningful life and to participate in the community with members of the general citizenry.
  • Enhancement of Health and Safety.
  • Flexibility of services that change as the person's needs change without the individual having to move elsewhere for services.
  • Use of generic options and natural supports.
  • Well-planned and proactive opportunities to determine the kinds and amounts of support desired, with meaningful participation of the individual, the individual's family or guardian where appropriate, friends, and professionals.
  • Home ownership or leasing with the home belonging to the person with a  disability, that person's family, or to a landlord to whom rent is paid.

Hart-Supported Living services are available to any person with a disability who is a resident of Kentucky or whose family or guardian is a resident of Kentucky.  According to the Americans with Disabilities act, a person with a disability means someone with a physical or mental impairment that substantially limits a major life activity such as caring for oneself, performing manual tasks, walking, seeing, hearing, speaking, breathing, learning and working. This person may be living with a family member, individually, or in a congregate setting. If the individual is living in a congregate setting (such as an institution, nursing home or group home) the requested grant must be for a living situation that is consistent with Kentucky Supported Living principles.

Follow the links below to view examples of supports that can be requested or to find out how to apply for supports. For additional information contact the  Regional Hart Supported Living Coordinator for CRCCC, Tammy Osborne at (606)526-6926.

Examples of One-Time and On-Going support requests.
Hart-Supported Living Application