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Turning Point

Children's Emergency Crisis Line:  1-877-454-3702                                          

Turning Point offers a variety of services and supports for children
 and families throughout the Cumberland Vally Region.

Viewing Crisis as ...

Critical situation

Resolving conflict


Stimulating change

Involving the family

olution focused

Turning Point
2932 Level Green Rd
Corbin, KY 40701
Fax:  (606)526-1627
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Turning Point is a short term residential facility for children and adolescents who may be experiencing a sever emotional, behavioral or substance abuse crisis and may be at risk for hospitalization or out of home placement.

Our center provides a therapeutic living environment, including assessment, intervention and stabilization services, working along with other community agencies providing consultation and education.

Every child will be assessed prior to admission to determine suitability for our program and the level of care needed. The screening, along with an identified emotional/behavioral crisis, determines eligibility. The length of stay will be determined on an individual basis according to need.

Fees at Turning Point are based on a sliding scale, with payments being accepted from Medicaid, private insurance, Grants, and EAP Contracts.

Turning Point's program goals are to:
 - Provide crisis stabilization care in a safe environment
 - Prevent unnecessary hospitalization
 - Transition children to or from a psychiatric or residential setting
 - Use the crisis as a catalyst for change in the child's life at home, school, and 
 - Family involvement - this is an integral part of treatment for successful outcomes
    and stability for the child
 - Looking at the Crisis as... a critical situation resolving conflict, using intervention 
    to stimulate change, involving the family, that is solution focused.

Services provided at Turning Point include:
 - Assessment
 - Individual and group therapy
 - Family therapy
 - Psychiatric and psychological evaluation when indicated
 - Follow-up and referral
 - Service coordination
 - Education through the Laurel County school system

Referrals can be made:
 - Directly to Turning Point by calling (606)526-1626
 - Through any of Cumberland River's Outpatient Offices
 - By the Children's Mobile Crisis Team

For more information, questions or concerns, please feel free to contact the Director of Turning Point at (606)526-1626 or the Director of Children's Services at (606)528-7010.